Difference Between CLI and TL1 Interface

CLI stands for Command Line Interface and TL1 stands for Transactional Language 1. Well, let we first clarify that it is wrong to say that there is a difference between CLI and TL1. Then why we kept the title that says so? Well, we have lot of readers coming in searching for difference between CLI and TL1 and we wanted to ensure that they land here and see the information provided for their benefit…!! Okay, fair enough, what we would like to call it as? We would like to call it as – TL1 exposes CLI. Let us now understand how. Continue reading

Earn While Learn – A Genuine Way Of Making Money Online

One of the Top Most Education & Career Forum – Entrance Exams Education and Career in India runs a unique Earn & Learn Program. This is unique as they reward your contribution in terms of Scholarships and Certificates. Students and Job Seekers from all over India post their queries regarding various courses, collages, career paths and so on, on this forum and Your Contribution is to solve their queries and provide appropriate guidance to them. Continue reading

Flip Flops In Digital Electronics

Flip Flops are devices that exhibits two different stable states and work as memory elements in a binary system. A single flip flop can store one bit of data, binary 1 or binary 0. Flip Flops are also known as Bistatble Multivibrator. Continue reading