Pivot Tables In Excel Tutorial

Excel Pivot Table, also known as Pivot Table Reports are tables that display and summarize the data in other tables or data ranges. Pivot Tables can be manipulated to determine which subsets of data they display, how the data is organized and what types of calculations must be applied to summarize the data. This makes Pivot Tables useful for viewing data in different ways and for analyzing trends and patterns Continue reading

How To Use Absolute Relative and Mixed Cell References in Excel

Cell Reference in Excel can be considered as an address of the cell. To access the content of any cell during programming or writing formulas or creating charts, we need to know its address. Cell Reference in Excel is denoted by two letters, where first letter denotes the Column and second letter denotes the Row. For instance, A1 stands for first column and first row, A2 stands for first column and second row and so on. Now what makes a cell reference absolute, relative or mixed is usage of the $ symbol. Let’s understand each one of these by taking example. Continue reading