1. Very well written article.

    While many of these are scams, where fb users are made to click at some part of the page which gives a fb app permission to share any crappy message on their profile, I am more surprised where people are trapped emotionally and actually share crappy messages on their profile intentionally. Specially when they sound outright stupid. Something like – “this baby is suffering from a disease. FB is donating $1 per share”. Though these kind of hoaxes don’t harm anybody. They spread unnecessary noise and rumor.

    One of my favorite website which clarifies on these hoaxes with proper verification is http://thatsnonsense.com/

  2. Hi Nitin,

    Thank you for reading the article and the kind words. We appreciate your suggestion and you will now find the links to social networking sites at the bottom of the article. Do feel free to like & share the article.

    Apart from that, if you would like to see an article from us on a particular topic, do let us know.


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