Difference between Non-Durable and Durable Subscription

Difference between Non-Durable and Durable Subscription. Non-Durable Subscription – In Publish/Subscribe messaging model of JMS, messages are retained in the Topic as long as either they are delivered to all the current/active subscribers or they are expired. Durable Subscription – There is an option in publish/subscribe model for subscribers to receive the messages that were published on the topic when they were disconnected or inactive. Continue reading

Difference between Point-To-Point and Publish/Subscribe JMS Messaging Models

Point-to-Point (PTP) and Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) are two types of messaging models or messaging domains provided by JMS. Both of these have significant differences and should be used as per the application’s requirement. For instance, point-to-point messaging should be used when each message delivered by a producer should be consumed successfully by one receiver and publish/subscribe messaging should be used when each message should be consumed by zero or more receivers. Continue reading

Difference between JMS and RMI

JMS aka Java Messaging Service and RMI aka Remote Method Invocation, are both used to connect pieces of distriubted application in a Java Enterprise Application, but they follow very different approaches. Here is the difference between JMS and RMI. Continue reading