Top 4 Facebook Plug-ins For Your Browser – To Customize Facebook User Interface

Facebook keeps on introducing new features and transformations which proves to be exciting but sometimes irritating as well – as change is not accepted well by all. There are numerous browser plug-ins and scripts available for customizing Facebook user interface to enhance the experience as well as remove unwanted information. Here is a highlight of top 4 Facebook plug-ins to customize facebook interface. Continue reading

RT Se7en Lite – A Freeware To Customize Windows 7

RT Se7en Lite is basically a freeware utility that is developed by Rockers Team to help users customize their computer windows 7 requirements. To make your windows 7 lite, you can easily add icons, wallpapers, drivers, combine updates, applications, language packs and even remove components depending on your own specific needs. Let’s understand how RT Se7en Lite can be used to customize window 7. Continue reading

Why Should You Upgrade To Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)?

Android 4, also known as the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), was first launched in October 2011. This new version of the operating system from Google offers even a wider variety of features that adds to the charm of the already existing Android OS. Here we are discussing couple of features that explain why should one upgrade to ICS. Continue reading

Ten Cool Things To Do With Siri On iPhone 4S

Available to iPhone users only – Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) is an Apple application that interprets the speech of a user to answer questions and perform recommended action, requests and other navigation. Here are ten cool things which you can do with a Siri on iPhone 4s to make it more amusing. Continue reading

Developing Games On Android Platform – An Overview

The arrival of the android operating system has been a game changer in the mobile device market. The adoption rate of android operating system has been going on at a mind blowing rate from the time of its launch. So if you’re thinking about developing games on android platform, this could be the right time to enter this lucrative market. Here is an overview on how to start android game development. Continue reading

Is Android Truly Open Source?

In the software world an open source software is one ,whose code is open for the user and also gives the user the permission to modify the code reuse , and freely distributed it with a license. Continue reading

Why Android Could Be The Future Of Mobile Computing?

Technology has become so much advent that mobile phones can almost be thought of as a replacement for notebook computers. Android looks promising enough to blur that line of difference furthermore. The ability to run on any kind of hardware that is powered by consistent APIs to optimize the user interface along with the fact that, it is much more profitable in today’s economic crisis makes android a safe bet for the future of mobile computing. Continue reading

How To Update Bada On Samsung Wave

Developed by Samsung; Bada is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets. that Bada 2.0 UX has been released with compelling new features. This post talks about why should you upgrade to Bada 2.0 UX and easy steps to upgrade to Bada 2.0 UX on Samsung Wave Continue reading