Excel Consultancy

How does it work?

You submit the problem details. Our experts review it and get back to you. When there is an agreement on requirements and effort estimates, we ask you to submit 50% of payment through PayPal. We fix the problem & we ask you to submit rest 50% of the payment. Simple.

What type of problems do you fix?

Anything related to excel, excel macros, excel reports & dashboards.

How long does it take for the problem to get fixed?

Once you submit the problem details, we’ll start working on it and based on the complexity it can vary from minutes to days.

Do you provide any support after problem is resolved?

We provide excellent support after the final product is delivered.

How much do you charge?

That depends upon problem’s complexity. We do hourly & fixed priced projects.

Do you have any feedback from your previous clients?

Yes, we do have it. Read on…!!

“Thanks for this macro! I used it to compare two parameter files from two different machines and it works great!” - Greg

“My experience with Vertical Horizons is the best I have ever seen.  Without ever seeing a single person face-to-face, they treated me with true professionalism and respect.  They went the extra mile and put forth extra effort to see that their product fulfilled my requirements.  I would certainly do business with them again and whole heartedly recommend them to my friends and colleagues.” - R.K. Ferguson

“I’ve used this macro, which works brilliantly for a number of scenarios.” - Ben

“This is an amazing tool, thanks for these article!” - Jack Yates

  1. Hi all
    I’ve been trying to use a couple of your macros to compare excel sheets. My data is 19 columns and approx 200 rows.
    The “compare_delete_duplicate” macro is very slow and only deletes one row at a time. It deletes additional rows if re-run but just deletes all data.
    The “compare” macro runs ok but only seems to work on the first row. All other rows are reported as exceptions.
    Are you able to assist?
    Sorry, I am VBA illiterate?

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