Date & Time Functions In Excel – MS Excel Functions Tutorial Part 8

We learnt Mathematical Functions, Text Functions, Cleanup and Case Functions, Logical Functions and Lookup Functions in Excel and how to use these functions. In this post, we will learn about Date and Time Functions in excel.

Function # 1 TODAY

This function returns the current date. It does not accept any parameters.
=TODAY( ) returns the date as 12/3/2012

Function # 2 DATEVALUE

This function transforms the date into a compute readable format.


This will return a value 41426. Whenever we are using dates in excel sheets we have to convert it to this format.

Function # 3 TIMEVALUE

Similar to the DATEVALUE function this function converts the time into a computer readable format for calculations.

Function # 4 WORKDAY

This function is very important for HR professionals and project managers to determine the project schedule, budgets etc. It calculates the working days starting from a date. Let us suppose that we want to calculate 20 working days from today’s date 12/3/2012. The formula will be:


We can also specify if we want to omit any special holidays in the formula. Weekends are omitted from the calculation by default. This formula will return a date 12/31/2012. This date indicates the day when 20 working days will be over.

Function # 5 NETWORKDAY

This formula calculates the number of working days between two dates.


This formula will return the value 20 which indicates that there are 20 working days between 12/3/2012 to 12/30/2012.

In next post, we will learn about Max and Min Functions in Excel.

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