Difference between assessment and audit

Both assessment and audit are ultimately aimed at studying processes for their improvement but there are distinct differences.

An assessment helps to collect and analyze information. Assessments also present recommendations for decision-making.

On the other hand, an audit examines if the results of quality activities are in compliance with planned arrangements or stated processes. Audits also check if the planned arrangements are effective enough to meet the objectives that they were set for.

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  1. Audit is a systematic activity of collecting evidence to proove the compliance against the set standard,

    whereas the assessment is more than that It is basically a systematic approach to establish the competency in the required field of activity and conforming to the the standards, generally audit may be a part of the assessment, but audit alone is not assessment.
    Individual performing the audit is an Auditor
    and an individual performing the assessment is an assessor.

  2. Audit = for compliance

    Assessment = for compliance + competency (ability to perform the task)

    Audit for certification to compliance
    Assessment for the accreditation.

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