Difference between SNMPv1 and SNMPv2

SNMP aka Simple Network Management Protocol is a simple request/response protocol. Network manager aka SNMP manager issues a request and managed device aka SNMP agent returns the response. This request/response behavior is implemented using protocol operations and information between manager and agent is transferred using SNMP PDUs (Packet Data Unit).

SNMPv1 is the initial implementation of the protocol and SNMPv2 is an enhancement over version 1. The significant differences between SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 are as below:

  • Protocol operations used in SNMPv1 are Get, GetNext, Set and Trap. SNMPv2 defines two more protocol options GetBulk and Inform.
  • Trap PDU format is different than other PDU’s formats in SNMPv1. In version 2, trap pdu format is same as the format of get and set pdu’s.
  • In SNMPv1, if in a get request one of the object instance in multiple-attribute request does not exist or is invalid, no response would be given, only an error message would return. In SNMPv2, in such a scenario, response would return for all other object instances or attributes except the invalid value i.e. partial response would be there rather than error.

To know about the difference in implementation of security in SNMP version 1 & 2, please refer this link.

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