Difference between SRAM and DRAM

RAM stands for a memory device in which one can both read and write the desired data.  It is a part of computer’s main memory. RAM holds the data and program that are being used by the computer at a given time. It is volatile memory i.e. it store information as long as power is supplied to it.  It’s contents are lost when power supply is switched off. It is further classified into SRAM and DRAM. Here is the quick difference between two:

  • SRAM stands for Static RAM, where as DRAM stands for Dynamic RAM
  • SRAM retains the stored information as long as power supply is on. But a DRAM loses it’s stored information in a few milliseconds even though it’s power supply is on as it stores information in the form of charge on capacitor.
  • Contents of DRAM are required to be refreshed periodically.

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