Difference Between Static Memory and Dynamic Memory

Static Memory: Static Memory devices are semiconductor memories in which the stored data will remain permanently stored as long as power is applied without the need of periodically rewriting or refreshing the data into the memory. The basic element of this storage is a flip flop or a gate. SRAM, Punched Card and Tape are examples of Static Memory.

Dynamic Memory: Dynamic Memory devices are semiconductor memories in which the stored data will not remain permanently stored, even with power applied unless the data is periodically rewritten into the memory. Data is stored as charge on capacitors. The charge on capacitor has to be periodically refeshed in order to prevent it from leaking away. DRAM & Charge Coupled Device (CCD) are example of Dynamic Memory.

    • In static memory is allocated before the execution of program, while in case of dynamic memory is allocated during the execution process or run at run time.

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