Earn While Learn – A Genuine Way Of Making Money Online

Last year in January, we shared with our readers “How To Become Online Tutor and Make Money Online“. Over a period of last few months, we explored another way of making online money and like the previous one, we strongly recommend this because it is “Genuine” and “It Works” i.e. it pays off…!!

One of the Top Most Education & Career Forum – Entrance Exams Education and Career in India runs a unique Earn & Learn Program. This is unique as they reward your contribution in terms of Scholorships and Certificates. Students and Job Seekers from all over India post their queries regarding various courses, collages, career paths and so on, on this forum and Your Contribution is to solve their queries and provide appropriate guidance to them. We find it really great because apart from the scholarship and certificate,

  • You are increasing your knowledge
  • You are helping a lot of students and job seekers
  • You are sitting at home
  • You are doing it at your own convenience
  • Above all, You are feeling great…!!

Before we jump to anything else, visit here and see how this forum has changed life of many.

We believe that by now you must be really curious to know the eligibility criteria and how to join this forum. As their motive is to solve problems, they have solved ours also by documenting everything that you need to know about this forum here. But, we would definitely like to answer one important question -

How Much Money Can I Make?

As of today, the scholarship amount for first rank holder is Rs. 2500/-. These scholarships are run twice a month, so you can earn Rs. 5000/- per month by providing quality contribution. In addition to this, Entrance Exam runs “TAFP – Top Answerers Fellowship Program” where they recognize forum members for their quality answers and pay them certain amount (as of today this amount is Rs. 3600/- for 300 answers). To see more details about TAFP, you can check here.

Earning Rs. 8600/- per month, sitting at home at your own convenience is cool, isn’t it?

Give it a try and do share your experience. In our honest opinion, certificates are valuable for your life time and scholarships give a boost to your confidence and these are definitely a feel good factor. After all, it feels great to get returns of your hard work.

Hope you find the information provided here useful. Feel free to leave your footprints in the comments section below for any queries, suggestion or feedback.

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