Excel Macro for Website Scraping – Excel Macro to Execute a Web Query

Lots of our readers were writing to us to provide a sample macro that explains how to scrape website using VBA. Well, we asked them why don’t you use web query browser in excel to import web data and we understood that in most of the cases the requirement was either to execute the web query for multiple URL’s or to execute the web query in a loop. This made a lot of sense to come up with a sample excel macro that demonstrates how to fetch website data and copy in excel worksheet.

Note: To find out the detailed steps on how to create, run or edit a macro, you may refer here for excel 2003 or here for excel 2007.

Here is the VB Code to scrape website data.

Let us explain this macro now. Here variable mURL holds website url from which data is to be fetched.

The code fragment below connects to the website mURL:

Rest of the code fragment is to set various properties on QueryTable object. Each of this property is explained here.

Now, let’s focus on an important property in above code: WebSelectionType. Valid values for WebSelectionType are xlAllTables, xlEntirePage, xlSpecifiedTables. By setting WebSelectionType, we set a value that determines whether an entire Web page, all tables on the Web page, or only specific tables on the web page are imported into a query table. In above code, we have set WebSelectionType as xlSpecifiedTables i.e data should be imported from a specific table. Now this table index is specified using another property: WebTables.

So, using above macro we import data from table with index 15 on mentioned website.

We hope that you like this information and find it useful. Feel free to leave a comment below for any queries or suggestions.

  1. Thanks a lot for this. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I have amended some code to pull data from the bbc sport website. I’m learning VBA for my work. This will be really useful.

    Thanks again :)

  2. Hi! Could you help with a little add-on?
    How can I add a variable to my macro to open the webpage
    based upon that. e.g. fetch the GOOG part from the A1 cell in “http://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=GOOG”

    Thank You very much!

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