Free Printable Calendar – How To Make Free Printable Calender

Create a Free Printable Calendar and gift it to your family, friends and colleagues. There is nothing better than adding a special touch to your gifts. Make your own customized Free Printable Calendar in PDF Format and e-mail it or get it printed at your own home or at any printing shop.

I followed the steps mentioned below and here is my Free Printable Calendar. I hope you will like it..!! You can share the same calendar with your friends or can create your own customized Printable Photo Calendar by following these simple steps.

Though, there are lot of such services available on Internet today, which create a calendar for you, once you provide them with your requirements and charge you some money, but I really enjoyed adding that special touch to by following below steps to make Photo Calendar on my own and sharing it with all my loved ones.

Steps To Create Free Printable Calendar

Step 1: Selecting Photographs

First and foremost a step is to collect photographs and then select the best ones, the awesome ones which you would love to see on your Photo Calendar.

I selected some of the awesome pictures posted by my Facebook Friends on their profiles. Not to forget, I did give them full credit by adding their name on their photograph. They are so happy to see a Printable Calendar created by their own pictures.

You can select family pictures, pictures with friends and just do it. They will love it.

Step 2: Adding Calendar Grid To Your Photographs

This is an important and easy step. I tried quite a lot of online applications available for doing it and I found Calendar Labs, one of the best.

It allows you to select year, month, country and a photograph of your choice. It also gives you an option to add holiday and week number. You need to do it for each month and save the generated HTML page on your disk. You can select same photo for all months or different photos for each month. What more can we expect from a free online application to create our own Free Printable Calendar. This is great..!!

Step 3: Creating PDF From HTML Pages

Now, after we have got HTML pages, we need to create PDF files to create Printable Calendar in PDF format. I couldn’t find any online application to do it. I created JPEG files from HTML and then converted these JPEG images to PDF format. It might sound a little lengthier process and any suggestions are most welcome.

To create a JPEG image, open each HTML file in a browser and take a screenshot of it by using “Print Scrn” key on your keyboard. [Tip: Use ctrl+alt+print scrn, to avoid adding bottom toolbar and any other applications opened on your desktop in the screenshot]. Now paste this screenshot in MS Paint and save it as a JPEG file on your disc.

To convert JPEG image to PDF, get the free tool JpegToPDF from here.

Step 4: Joining Multiple PDF Files To Create One PDF File

Now, you have created pdf file for each month and need to create one PDF by joining these multiple pdf files. There is a wonderful online application available for doing it. It allows you to add as many pdf files as you want, and bingo, you get your single PDF file. This application is available here.

Step 5: Share Free Printable Calendar With Your Loved Ones

You have created your own Customized Photo Calendar, now is the time to share it with your loved ones and surprise them. You can get it printed and gift the hard copy to your friends. You can also just e-mail the PDF version of Printable Photo Calendar. I am sure they will love you for this nice surprise.

You can also add special events to the calendar and give a little more of that special touch.

I hope you find this article informative and useful. Any new ideas and suggestions are most welcome…!! I will really appreciate to have your feedback.

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