Reducing Boolean Expressions Using Logic Fundamentals

There are various laws of Logic Fundamentals, for instance Commutative Law, Associative Law etc. These laws can be used to reduce Boolean Expressions. The pdf document shared here would help you understand these laws and their application to reduce boolean expressions.

Download Reducing Boolean Expressions Using Logic Fundamentals


100 Tips in Java

Java is an object oriented language which is easy to learn and easy to use. But, sometimes things become little tricky when we don’t expect it to happen in a particular way. Here we share some of the tips and tricks in Java that need to be taken care of while writing beautiful codes.

Download 100 Tips in Java


Multiple Choice Questions on NMS, EMS and SNMP

With couple of posts in Telecom category, we have tried to come up with few multiple choice questions on Network Management, Element Management and SNMP, which will not only boggle your mind but also help you to understand the concepts better.

Download Multiple Choice Questions on NMS, EMS & SNMP


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