GSM/GPRS Acronyms

GSM and GPRS are the most sought after technologies these days. Here is a consolidated list of most of the acronyms used for these two.

GSM          – Global System for Mobile Communication
GPRS        – General Packet Radio Services
EDGE        -  Evolved Data rates for GSM Evolution

ISDN         – Integrated Services Digital Network
BTS           – Base Transceiver Station
MS            – Mobile Station
BSS           – Base Station Subsystem
NSS          – Network and Switching Subsystem
OSS          – Operation and Support Subsystem
SIM           – Subscriber Identity Module
PIN           – Personal Identification Number
IMSI         – International Mobile Subscriber Identity
TMSI        – Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
IMEI         – International Mobile Equipment Identity
BSC         – Base Station Controller
MSC         – Mobile services Switching Centre
GMSC      – Gateway Mobile services Switching Centre
HLR         – Home Location Register
VLR         – Visitor Location Register
AuC         - Authentication Center
EIR         – Equipment Identity Register
OMC       – Operation and Maintenance Centre
PLMN      – Public Land Mobile Network
MSISDN  – Mobile Station ISDN (phone number)

Hope the information presented here helped you in some way…!!

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