How to create a new circle in Google Plus

Google Plus, commonly denoted as Google+ is an all new social networking tool provided by Google. It’s UI seems to be extremely impressive. As far as privacy settings are concerned, Google Plus has a feature called Circles. Well, you have different things to share with different set of people. You can create a different circle for each group of people e.g. one circle for work, another for friends, another one for family and so on. When you share anything on Google Plus, you can select to which all circles i.e. group of people, you want to publish that.  Yes, it is that simple..!!

Now the question comes, if I want to create a new circle for another group of people, how do I do that? Here is a step by step process to create a new circle:

1. Click on the icon “Circles” in the top panel as shown in the image below:

google_plus_circles2. You will be taken to Circles page where in you can see all the circles as shown in the image below:

google_plus_circles23. Now click on the leftmost circle “Drop here to create a new circle” in the image shown above. This will launch a new window as shown in the image below:


4. Update the “Circle Name”, optionally add a description and add friends to this circle or create an empty circle. An empty circle means that there are no people in that circle. For instance if “Circle Name” is given as “Rock Climbing” and “Create Empty Circle” is clicked, a new circle with the name as Rock Climbing will be created on Circles page as shown in the image below:

google_plus_new_circleNow go ahead and add people from your rock climbing group to this new circle. When you would want to share anything only to this group, you can select Rock Climbing circle and that information would be shared only with people that belong to this circle.


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