How to create a pst file in outlook

A .pst file is an archive file on your disk that is used to store the outlook mails. Creating a .pst file in Outlook becomes important primarily for two reasons: 1) To organize your mails e.g. for every year a new .pst file can be created 2) When your mails are stored on a server.

The second scenario usually occur in offices where there is some pre-defined limit on mail storage capacity. In this case either your mails get deleted automatically after a warning or your mailbox starts bouncing all the mails received after the storage limit is exceeded. In both the cases, your data is lost if not taken care of. Hence, creating a .pst file becomes highly recommended. Below are the simple steps to create a .pst file in outlook:

1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and select “E-mails Accounts” option in Tools menu as shown below:

2. Select “View or change existing mail accounts” in the popped up window as below:

3. Click on “New Outlook Data File”.

4. In the popped up window, select the option as below and press OK.

5. Provide a location & name of your choice of .pst file on your pc as below:

You can also make the pst file password protected by choosing appropriate encryption settings.

6. Select the pst file you have just created as shown in the image below and you are done. Now all your mails will be delivered directly to this pst file.

Hope you find this information useful. Please leave your footprints in comments section below for any queries or suggestions…!!

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