How to filter newsfeed on Facebook homepage – How to stop updates publishing on facebook homepage

Facebook is ever evolving and with more and more users everyday, you have more facebook friends everyday. More friends means more updates and sometimes your facebook homepage seems to be so much cluttered with news feeds most of which do not interest you at all. What if you are not interested in news feeds or updates from a specific friend or an application.

Initially I planned to write a step by step procedure of controlling news feeds on facebook homepage. But, to my luck, I found this link provided by facebook itself – How do I control what I see in my News Feed?.

Follow the steps provided at this link and your facebook homepage now shows you what you want to see. This link also provides the steps to re-add a person, application or a page back to news feeds on your home page.

I thought it would be a good idea to share this information with readers of VerticalHorizons…!! Hope this information helped you in some way.

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