How To Find Facebook Profile ID Number

While in our previous post, we said that facebook profile ids are long numeric figures that are difficult to remember and no one actually wants to use them, there are still some apps that required Facebook Profile ID to work.

The simplest way to find out the Facebook Profile ID is to click on profile and check the url in address bar of your browser. It will be something like ’76xxxxx54′ is the facebook profile id. But if facebook username is activated for the profile, you will see the url in address bar as Here is an easy 2 step process to find facebook profile id for a facebook profile or a facebook page for which username is activated.

Step #1: Append your facebook user name to this url : After appending the url should look like “”.

Step #2: Paste this url into the address bar of your browser and you will see the screen as shown in the image below.

The one marked in red circle is the profile id and you can use it as you need.

Hope you like the information presented here. Do leave your footprints in the comments section below for any queries, feedback or suggestion.

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