How to integrate database with web application

Integrating database with web application is one of the most important aspect of creating a web interface to perform some functionality. Front end aka user interface enables users to perform certain functions on the data stored in database. Here are the steps to integrate database with web application on windows.

Step1: System settings

  • Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools
  • Click on Data Sources (ODBC)
  • Go to tab System DSN
  • Press Add button.
  • Double click the preferred option e.g. for MS Access select Microsoft Access (*.mdb).
  • Give the database name and the database path.
  • Press ok.

Step2:  Referring db in your application.

By performing step 1, system i.e. your computer now knows where to look for the database. In other words, you have set the path for the database.

Note that the dbname used here is same as the database name given in step 1.

Hope you find this information useful. Please provide your suggestions or feedback in the comments section below.


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