How to Password Protect Excel – How to make excel password protected

Needless to say, many times we need to password protect the excel workbooks so that only authorized people can read or edit it’s contents. Here are simple steps with screenshots to create a password for your excel workbook.

Open the excel workbook that you want to password protect. On top menu bar select Tools -> Options as shown in the screenshot below:

Excel Tools Options

This will pop up “Options” window. Select “Security” tab as shown in the screenshot below:

Excel Security Option for Password Protection

Now, you can enter passwords in “Password to open” and “Password to modify”. Password to open will enable a password protection on opening of this excel workbook whereas Password to modify will enable a password protection for editing this excel workbook.

Save the excel workbook and it is now password protected.

To verify that password protection is working, close the workbook and re-open it. On re-open, it should pop up an alert as shown in the screenshot below:

Password Protected Excel

If  “Password to modify” is also enabled, there will be one more alert for write access else this document will be opened in a read-only mode.

Please note that this tip works for Microsoft Excel 2003.

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