Introduction To Excel Charts – MS Excel Charting Tutorial Part 1

Excel ChartsAll of us will agree that our favorite magazines will not be interesting enough without visuals or pictures. Pictures develop user interest and also make it easy for the author to convey the message. Charts in MS Excel play a similar role. Charts help us in understanding the information better, make data analysis simpler and above all capture the readers’ interest because of their visual appeal. In this series on Excel Charts, we will cover below topics:

Types of charts in Excel

Excel has a variety of charts to help us perform our analysis with ease. The most important chart types in Excel are:

Column Charts

Column Charts In ExcelColumn charts are “comparison charts”. Column charts are used when we want to compare different values. Column charts give a clear picture of the highest, the lowest value also and the intermediate values.


 Line Charts

Line Charts In ExcelLine charts are used when we want to show the behavior of values over a period of time. Line charts are often used to depict market trends and revenues over a period of time (5 or 10 years). Line charts can help an organization in planning & forecasting.

Pie Charts

Pie Charts in ExcelPie charts are used for understanding the contribution of each value to the total. Pie charts are used for comparison and for understanding as to which value holds what percent of the total share. For e.g It can be used by the sales organizations to understand which product accounts what share/percentage of the total sales.

Bar Charts

Bar Charts in ExcelBar charts are also comparison charts but they are used when we want to compare many different values. For e.g. Bar charts can be used by organizations to compare the sales of different products in a particular year.

Scatter Charts

Scatter Charts in ExcelScatter charts are used for showing the distribution of a range of values. Scatter charts show values on the x and y axes rather than categories.

Bubble Charts

Bubble Charts in ExcelBubble charts are used for comparing three values. Bubbles replace data points and like scatter charts bubble charts also show values and not categories.

We will learn more about when to use which chart, how to create charts in Excel and formatting of Excel charts in next tutorials.

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