Is Google Survey Any Different From Other Online Surveys

Google Survey is simply an online market research tool that enables researchers to create internet surveys that they use in making more informed and better business decisions.  Questions created in Google Surveys basically help internet users to access online content that is of a higher quality and more informative upon answering the questions. Publishers of these Google Survey questions are paid as internet users answer the questions. In the long run, Google aggregates the answers received and sends the analyzed responses to the market researchers by use of an online interface.

How Google Survey Works

  • A market researcher creates online survey questions to attract consumer insight.
  • Online visitors complete published questions in order to access premium online content.
  • Publishers of the survey questions get paid as people answer the questions.
  • Using a simple online interface, you get summarized and analyzed results of your survey.

What Is Good About Google survey

  • Google Survey enables market researchers to customize their surveys to a large extent. For instance, it’s possible to specify a target online audience for your survey and offers an opportunity for publishers to select the number of responses they want for their survey.
  • To the internet browsers, Google Surveys enable them to instantly access web content by just answering their questions. They get a feeling that their ideas and opinions on the issue are highly valued and being rewarded with premium content for free. This helps in saving some bucks as they don’t have to use their money to subscribe for the information or sign in.
  • Researchers are able to gain insight on what people think about an issue of interest to them which helps in making more focused decisions in their businesses.
  • Asking one question at a time unlike in other types surveys that involve respondents filling a questionnaire assures researchers of high response rates.
  • Answers obtained are more accurate are results are provided instantly as answers stream in.
  • Publishers get paid for questions asked which means it’s a win win situation for everyone.

What Is Not So Good About Google survey

  • Perhaps the main disadvantage of Google Survey is survey fraud common with every kind of online survey. This always raises concerns on reliability of information collected when it comes to making vital business decisions.
  • The limitation of asking one question per Google Survey denies market researchers a chance of knowing what the same respondent thinks about two issues of interest to the market researcher.

How Google Survey Is Better Than Other Surveys

As opposed to other online surveys where questionnaires are sent to predetermined pane;s, Google Survey offers a different approach as to how respondents are sampled as well as collection and analysis of data. These results in more accurate responses of a higher integrity as published questions are simply not answered by anybody.

Raw data is instantly analyzed and ready for use by market researchers unlike other services where the researcher would undergo through the troubles of analyzing the data himself. Data is sent in a refined form ready for use where charts summarize the responses and interesting differences highlighted.

We believe that Google Survey has a long way to go and it will become a number one choice for market researchers in no time. Let us know your opinions on the same.

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