RT Se7en Lite – A Freeware To Customize Windows 7

RT Se7en Lite is basically a freeware utility that is developed by Rockers Team to help users customize their computer windows 7 requirements. To make your windows 7 lite, you can easily add icons, wallpapers, drivers, combine updates, applications, language packs and even remove components depending on your own specific needs.

This tool helps in creation of unattended installations such as integration of product key, ability to change your system UI language, customizing your windows to skip any activation that is automatic, changing the type of your computer network, changing the type of your computer update, disable or enable computer upgrade options, disable or enable windows life, customizing your system firewall, changing the resolution of your computer display skin.

With RT Se7en, its still possible to add or change multiple computer themes, customizing the wallpaper of your desktop background, adding helpful side bar gadgets, customizing log on screen, change icons, making additions to your documents, add sample videos and music, adding OEM computer logo’s, wallpapers, customizing welcome center, change frame colors of your windows, customizing uxtheme patch as well as setting your favorite computer gadgets as defaults.

What Is Good About RT Se7en Lite

  • The major benefits offered by RT Se7en is that it’s a free application that takes relatively less duration to download and install in your system.
  • Its highly compatible with windows 7 editions of both 32 and 64 bits
  • The official website of RT Se7en offers online support while using RT Se7en not forgetting that there is a ready instructional manual guidebook on usage of RT Se7en
  • It’s possible to integrate windows updates such as security updates, drivers, hot fixes, third party applications and language packs.
  • It’s easy to remove any unwanted applications in your windows 7 such as default drivers, windows applications, services that you no longer require and even unnecessary language packs.
  • Enable users to adjust or disable windows 7 system services, customizing registry tweaks, changing configuration of your power system and even being able to set the view of your system control panel.
  • Facilitates creation of bootable system ISO image, split image, burn image, provide CD-label, export images etc
  • Fixes temporary paths where system errors can be easily located.
  • Improves the performance of your system by encrypting and compressing your computer source files.
  • Helps in removal of per-defined computer settings
  • Provides active and inactive action bar for your system task bar notification and helps in trimming computer drives in solid state.

What Is Not So Good About RT Se7en Lite

Perhaps one of the main setbacks of using RT Se7en despite being a free application is that it’s not usable for commercial uses. Only personal window 7 users can access all these many benefits highlighted here above.

Actually, majority of existing reviews on RT Se7en points to the point that it’s a great freeware for windows with no any notable complains from its users.

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