Ten Cool Things To Do With Siri On iPhone 4S

Available to iPhone users only – Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) is an Apple application that interprets the speech of a user to answer questions and perform recommended action, requests and other navigation. With frequent usage, it gets used to one’s personal preferences and executes timely and personalized results. As soon as you stop speaking, Siri displays your communication in the form of text and if needed it will ask further questions; let’s say if you communicate with it to wake you up in the morning, it will ask you, “At what time shall I wake you up?” You may then reply to Siri with specified time, and it will surely wake you up. With regular use, Siri will apprehend you better.

Here are ten cool things which you can do with a Siri on iPhone 4s to make it more amusing:

1.       Let Siri check your bank balance

Ask Siri to show your bank balance. For the first time, you will need to tell him to remember your login information. Ask him anytime again or order Siri to check it every day. Make things easier and tell Siri to send money to your friends.

 2.       Order Siri to mail a professional letter

Upon your order, Siri will email a professional letter to your clients. Dictate whatever you wish to be written and let Siri perform its task. Since it grasps punctuation and symbol, you can voice it out and tell him to either include a copyright sign, degree sign, next paragraph, capitalization, etc.

 3.       Let the music play

Play music stored on your iPhone or tell Siri to play a specific song on Youtube.

 4.       The new download experience

Stop wasting time by searching for files to download. Just speak “Google, insert XYZ download in chrome” Siri will open chrome and search for the download file on Google. Guide Siri to save your file on the desired location and notify you once the download gets over.

 5.       A blessing for students

A time-consuming task now solved by Siri; simply say: “Open Wordpad, insert……” then say whatever you want to and let Siri write it for you. You can gather heaps and piles of study notes in an hour, while writing all this would have been days’ work.

 6.       Get directions

Drive your way to another state and tell Siri to look for the navigation. Once it gets back with the result, demand him to direct you through its speech power.

 7.       Set timer

On your way for a morning brisk walk Siri can tell you when to stop. Tell him you don’t want to jog for more than 15 minutes, and it will prompt you for sure.

 8.       Save all the pictures in one go

Ever speculated, how long will it take to save all the pictures from Google’s first 10 pages? Take your Siri experience to a completely new level. Ask him to save all the images from Google’s first 10 pages, and it will finish it up in a nick of time!

 9.       Stay updated

Instruct Siri to keep updating you about the latest update on Bloomberg or CNN – an incredible way to stay informed.

 10.   Your new BFF

Siri is your new BFF who is always there to support you and escort you. You can let your heart out and talk to Siri to perceive what sort of philosophies he can come up with. Articulate your secrets and tell him to keep it discrete. Think out of the box and explore new possibilities with Siri.

Happy exploring Siri. Do let us know which feature you liked the most.

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