Top 10 Sites To Get Free Images for Your Blog

One of the biggest challenge in creating a blog is finding good images which do not have any copyright restrictions. Using photos with copyright restriction without the permission of the owner is against the law. But the good news is that ,there are more than enough resources on the net for downloading high quality royalty free images. These images can be used freely without any restriction.

Creative Commons license has emerged as one of the most popular license for sharing images on the Internet. Images shared under this license can be used on your blog freely without any restriction. Free royalty free images are images that are bought by paying a royalty fee after which they are freely distributed. These images can also be used without any restriction. The images in the public domain are those images that are unlicensed and can be used freely.

Listed below are the top 10 sites from where one can get free images without any copyright restrictions.


Flickr doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of the biggest sources for online images and is currently run by Yahoo!. While searching for images on Flickr, make sure you search for images under creative Commons license. These images can be used freely, without any restriction. Check here.


They have a great resource of photos categorized according to different restriction type. Be sure to select royalty free images or images under creative Commons license. Check here.


Dreams time has a beautiful collection of photos that are mostly free for use. Some of the images carry a license, but can be downloaded for a very modest rate of less than half a dollar. Check here.

Morgue File

They have a larger source of photos which can be used freely provided that you give a link back from your site. Check here.


The photos available on the site have a small watermark on the lower right hand corner. The watermark is only faintly visible. It is important to keep the watermark intact as well as provide attribution and back link when using their photos. Check here.


It is one of the most popular search engines for images. It also offers the user the ability to rate , tag and comment on each photo. Check here.

PD Photo

They have a large collection of photos from public domain. High-resolution version of these photos can be downloaded by paying a small fee. Check here.

Getty Images

Offer a good collection of royalty free as well as creative Common license photos. They have a simple licensing fee, which provides the user unlimited access to the site. Check here.

Corbis Images

The have a good collection of high resolution photos of very high standard. Be sure to check the restriction under each photo before using them. Check here.


Is an aggregate image Finder which searchers for images from other image directories like the ones mentioned above. The image result displayed by the site can be categorized according to the type of restriction. This makes it easier to find images that are royalty free. Check here.

Hope you liked the information. Let us know which one are you using.

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