What Is Above Network Management – Service Management & Business Management – TMN Logical Model Explained

In one of our previous post, we explained the network hierarchy starting from bottom as Network Element -> Element Management System (EMS) -> Network Management System (NMS). We also explained how EMS and NMS are different entities and what the role of each of them is.

If we refer to TMN Model, it identifies five logical level of telecommunications management from bottom to top as:

Network Element -> Element Management -> Network Management -> Service Management -> Business Management

As we have already discussed bottom 3, this post focuses on layers above Network Management i.e. Service Management and Business Management.

Service Management Layer (SML)

  • Interact with Network Management Layer at Southbound Interface and with Business Management Layer at Northbound Interface
  • Concerned with contractual aspects of services available to users/customers
  • Maintains statistical data – Only high level information is provided to the user while hiding the internals of network setup
  • A service is considered as a unit of management for applications at SML. In other words, at SML we are managing the services and not the devices
  • User administration, charging for services offered, managing quality of service are various capabilities provided by applications implemented at this layer
  • More business and user centric rather than network centric like NMS and EMS
  • If a user wants to know how a particular service is performing over a period of time, applications at this layer can be used
  • Example of such services can be MMS, caller tunes etc.

Business Management Layer (BML)

  • Interact with Service Management Layer at Southbound Interface and is the top most Northbound Interface
  • Similar to SML, Business Management Layer is more business centric
  • Applications at this layer are used for setting goals, making business decisions, budgeting, tracking utilization of a particular service, high level planning, customer relationship management (CRM) etc.

  1. 1.What are the tools using in Fault Mgt, Performance Mgt and Security Mgt?
    2.What are the port numbers being used in EMS.
    3.How to find data traffic in performance mgt.

    Can someone please answer these questions

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