Year 2011 In Review

With 2011 bidding goodbye to all of us and 2012 approaching, we want to take this opportunity to let our readers know that Vertical Horizons did really good during this year. Just in another 5 days i.e. on 4th January, 2012, we will be celebrating Vertical Horizons’  “First Birthday”. We really want to thank you all for visiting us and leaving your footprints…!!

Here are the “Top 10 – Most Popular” posts that provide a glimpse of the year gone by @ Vertical Horizons.

Difference Between Combinational & Sequential Circuit

Difference Between EMS & NMS

Macro To Compare Two Excel WorkSheets – Highlight Duplicate Entries

Difference between NorthBound Interface and SouthBound Interface

Excess-3 Code in Digital Electronics

Number Systems in Digital Electronics

How to find Facebook App ID – How to find Facebook API Key

Creating Global Work Manager in Weblogic

Difference between ColdStart and WarmStart trap in Network Management

Difference between Trap and Alarm

As evident from these posts, we have been writing under various categories Telecom, Digital Electronics, Weblogic, Java, Perl and so on. We will be making every effort that is required to widen our horizons and provide you with best of the content.

Looking forward to a more challenging and exciting year ahead. Thanks you once again. Keep Visiting and Happy Reading…!! :)

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